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Who we are

Concep is a provider of empowerment marketing technology and services to corporate and professional firms globally.

Concep are a trusted long-term partner to over 200 firms globally, delivering enterprise wide email marketing and mobile business development technology and supporting services. We believe that technology, creative, strategy and most importantly people are the fundamental elements to successful marketing. Our desire is to partner with firms who believe in the value of marketing and strive to ensure their investment delivers the desired return, ultimately building real value in their brand.

Our vision

Our vision

Empowering personal business relationships

Our mission

Our mission

Making business communication a one-to-one experience

Why Concep

Empowering Marketing

We believe that the ultimate goal of high value relationship marketing is to deliver personalized, relevant and timely content to any device and through any channel.

Your marketing, event and client facing teams are empowered to control, execute and monitor the performance of their own marketing activities. Clients and prospects are equally empowered as they gain control of what communications they receive, when and through which channels.

Empowerment marketing has originated from the premise that a personal one-to-one or one-to-few communication will deliver vastly improved results than one-to-many communications or automated marketing when selling high value, complex or reputation based services and products.

Using a content-centric approach to marketing, individuals within an organization are empowered to author and share content with one or many of their relationships via multiple online or offline channels. This is opposed to the common approach of campaign-centric marketing, where centralized marketing teams deploy campaigns on behalf of an organization, brand, division, team or individual.

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